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a splendid singing actress . . . nothing is forced, which makes her deeply compelling

-New York Daily News


show-stopping as this washed-up glamour cat”

-Utah Theater Bloggers



sexy, vital, utterly committed to the moment . . . brought tears to my eyes”


-Ben Brantley, The New York Times

  so expressive with her big Bette Davis eyes and fluttery voice, she was deliciously funny as Corvina” 

-The Washington Post



an excellent actress . . . she delivered with white-hot dramatic urgency”

-Opera News


with her wild mane of curly red hair, creamy skin, and pretty figure, Lisa looks good in clothes”

-The Salt Lake Tribune



I love Lucy, I mean Lisa

-Scene4 Magazine


Absolutely gorgeous . . . truly dazzled . . . delivered a transfixing rendition of ‘Memory’ ” 

-The Spectrum

the kind of camera-ready young singer today’s marketing directors dream of . . . fortunately, unlike all too many so-termed ‘total package’ artists these days, she an also sing.” 

-Opera News


Observing her intense preparation I think she surpasses any expectations . . . The minute she opened her mouth I offered her the job.”

-Scott Anderson, Tuacahn Amphitheater



a deft comedian


Seegmiller’s voice has the clarion quality of a ringing bell, like sitting in the center of cathedral chimes”

-Reichel Recommends


Gorgeous Lisa Hopkins sang gorgeously

-Opera News



a performance worthy of Lucille Ball

-Eye on the Arts


"From the moment she stepped on stage, . . , she commanded attention with her big voice and stage presence. . . . near flawless performance."

-Salt Lake Tribune

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